The Pondal Token Project

We started the Pondal Token project by utilizing coconut waste, namely coconut shells which are used as basic ingredients for combustion media waste where these elements can be used for the need to minimize fuel by using organic waste.

Get to know Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut shell charcoal is one of the derivative products of the Coconut commodity which has very good business prospects
well, one of the products made from coconut shell charcoal which has very good demand, both domestically and internationally is coconut shell charcoal or also known as briquette (coconut shell briquette charcoal) or activated carbon can also be used for the pharmaceutical industry.

Prospects for the Coconut Shell Charcoal Industry

The coconut shell charcoal industry and/or those that have been processed into charcoal briquettes have very good prospects, both for the domestic and export markets, whether they have been made into briquettes or activated carbon. one of the largest importing countries of charcoal briquettes in Indonesia is a European country such as Germany, England, Austria, France. Then several Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and the Middle East. In general, coconut shell charcoal products or briquettes are mostly intended for the needs of the horeca industry, one of which is coal for Sihisha and barbecues both in restaurants and at home.

Bracket manufacture
The embers bracket
Long Lasting embers bracket

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