What is the Pondal Token ? . . .

The TRC-20 blockchain is a technical standard for tokens contained in the Tron blockchain network. The TRC-20 token follows the standard functions and protocols set by Tron, which allows the use of the token in a variety of applications on the Tron network. The TRC-20 token has features such as transfers, voting, and others that can be used by users on the Tron network.

Pondal Tokens are made based on business needs based on real projects by utilizing coconut plants, where for coconut trees various elements can be used for human needs in managing building materials, food, and several other work materials including the use of coconut shells.


Building a technology-based community and building a community mindset to be able to carry out activities with modern technology in the financial sector and based on partnerships with the principle of making an abundant society of blessings.


We make logos based on the functions and benefits of Pondal, which can be collaborated with real projects in various work needs in the world in particular UMKM (Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah).

Pondal Token

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Pondal is a new method to deal with money. One of the most important inventions in the entire history of evolution from barter trading to the present. Send and receive money from anywhere to anyone.

The dawn of a new world that is free, better and more transparent without restriction!

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Crypto asset trading is a high risk activity. Crypto asset prices are very volatile, where prices can change significantly from time to time. Please do some research before making a decision to buy or sell crypto assets. PONDAL does not force users to buy, sell or make crypto assets as an investment or action for profit. All decisions in trading crypto assets are independent decisions by users.